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0% Deals For Purchases

If you're in the hunt for a new credit card, it makes sense to go for as low a rate as possible. In their quest for your business, many UK credit card issuers offer 0% deals on new purchases made on a credit card.

0% purchase credit cards are ideal if you want to spread the payment for a big purchase over a number of months. Provided you can pay back in full before the introductory period ends, this will allow you to benefit from the convenience of buying goods and services with a credit card, without incurring any interest charges. Some of the best 0% on purchases credit cards will offer you up to 12 months of interest free borrowing.

Figures from the BBA reveal credit cards remain popular for spending. In August 2010 there were 173 million card purchases, compared with 158 million in the previous August with the average transaction value of 64.

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