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Credit Card Rewards

In a race to grab your loyalty, card companies fiercely compete with each other to offer a range of perks and rewards which are aimed at luring you into buying on their cards. Savvy card users can earn free flights, shopping vouchers or cashback.

One of the most popular credit card rewards is the airmiles scheme which generates reward points whenever you spend on your card. The air miles can then be exchanged for free flights. So, if you're a big spender and travel abroad frequently, this could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You could even earn miles as you fly by paying for your flights using your credit card.

Points or rewards schemes are definitely worth considering if you pay off your bill every month and dodge the interest charges. However, as with all schemes, in order to reap any substantial rewards you need to spend a fairly large amount on your credit card. It's probably wise to avoid these cards if you carry across a balance each month as the interest charge you will incur will outweigh any loyalty benefits.

A selection of the best credit card rewards are detailed below.
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